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The Synergy Prep Student  

Synergy Prep is designed for high performing, self-directed students in grades 3rd through 12th who need more flexibility than the traditional in-person school experience allows. 


Kate is in 7th grade. She has severe health issues that cause her to miss many days of school. Her teachers send assignments home but most assignments are the review of in-person instruction and Kate has a difficult time completing the assignments because she missed the in-person instruction. She wants to succeed but this type of schooling basically just sets her up to fail. She doesn’t want to “be homeschooled” because she desperately wants to be able to be a part of the field trips and extra-curricular activities with her class when she is physically able. 

Caleb is in 10th grade. He is a professional race car driver. He participates in over 100 races each year all over the U.S. He has national sponsors, does TV interviews and is on track to become a NASCAR driver in the next few years. Caleb tried to be a traditional student but was labeled a “truant student” because of his many absences due to his race schedule. He tried “homeschooling” but needed more structure and accountability. Being in high school, Caleb also wants to have the same social school experiences that all his friend have in traditional schools, like dances, field trips and social activities. 


Jason is in 9th grade and suffers from severe anxiety and depression. He is currently in a traditional school setting but misses over half of the school days each month because of the emotional and mental challenges he is experiencing. Jason and his mother are working with a psychologist as well as a medical doctor. He is in therapy and experimenting with various medications to find a solution. His schooling is a vicious cycle of missing school, incomplete assignments, frustration over failing grades and increasing anxiety over trying to constantly catch up. Aaron’s mother tried to homeschool him, but now that he is in high school, she does not have the skills to teach him at home. Aaron is a capable student. He just needs encouraging advisement and a curriculum that is self-directed and consistent. 

Sarah is in the 8th grade. Her mother is a single mom and found a great job as a travel nurse. They do not have local family so in order for her mom to be able to accept the travel nurse contract, Sarah will have to go stay with her at the location of the nursing assignment. Sarah is a social person and she loves school. She loves being a cheerleader, going on field trips with her class and she is super excited about the Spring Middle School Dance. She is a great student and makes straight A’s but the responsibility of “homeschooling” stresses her mom out and the thought of not having the social and athletic options stresses Sarah out. 


Jules is a world class gymnast. She trains 20-30 hours a week and competes in more than 20 meets each year all over the United States. She is so excited because she was invited to participate in the Junior Olympics this year. Jules loves school! In spite of her very busy schedule, she has always been a straight A student. She starts high school this year. Her mom has already received a phone call from the principal to inform them that "attendance matters in high school" and she will be expected to be in class and not miss so many days like she did in middle school. 

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